Bulldog Bursary report – How to?

Posted by on Oct 21, 2012 in news | 2 Comments

I’ve got a lot of congratulations from my painter friends about receiving the Bulldog bursary through the RP.  The next question that immediately followed was: how did you get it? What is the secret? Well,  that’s because I am  this good/lucky/insert your version here!

Seriously though, I can name two good reasons for it.  First of all, the Bursary is designed to support a talented painter in developing their skills and I could really use some help. The RP panelist mentioned I was not the best painter in terms of skills in the pull of the candidates but I demonstrated the biggest need for improvement, so hat tipped off to the rest of the good painters on the short list.

Secondly, I went into that interview with a plan in mind. You see, I paint really small and some of the RP members that can offer the mentorship through the bursary know a lot about painting big. So come September 2013 I hope to come up with a life-size portrait painting as a result of this experience.

So next in the following posts here I will be writing about artist studio visits and learning experiences that the Bursary has enabled me to have. Stay tuned and check out Joseph Galvin’s posts about his Bulldog year 2010.

Some of the work I’ve submitted for the selection committee:


Nabil, 19 x 19 cm, oil on board, 2012


Sunbathing, 26×36, oil on board, 2011


Rick at Le Select, 70×50 cm, 2012