“I am a bit bored of keeping busy making tea for others for my performances” and would prefer to have people perform their own rituals.  How do I get them to do it?

“…There is not much of a ritual, it’s just an old boring cup of tea, PG tips with a splash of milk.”

“Well. It depends on perspective. My grandfather used to drink tea with milk. He was the only man in Zhmerynka to do so. I found it so exotic.  And you find it mundane. What is a ritual? Something you do every day. I suppose it’s different from a ceremony where one makes a special occasion.”

“Speaking of special treats: around Christmas time my mother used to make us Orange Pekoe tea. Why is it even called that? Is there any orange in it? It tasted so rich and special… My friend brought me some Oregano tea from Spain. Would you like to pop over for a cup of tea?…”

“Who was that poet that wrote from the trenches “And is there honey still for tea? -”

” – Must have been missing the mundane while at war…. What is this book: The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher next to the teapot?’

“Oh, it’s just another gift I got. She did not actually get assassinated. Want some honey with your tea?”