Tea Tasting Ritual

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As part of the #Shuffle summer exhibition at Herrick gallery, tea tasting ritual event took place on Sunday 4 September 2016. The attendees sampled herbal blends of red clover, chamomile, linden blossom, meadowsweet, peppermint and rose hips.  Presented medicinal herbs were sourced in the rural areas of Ukraine, Latvia, Italy and the UK.  The discussion revolved around the history and aspects of ritual in daily life,  history of shamanism, and the effects of art onto the viewer through the prism of the alleged medicinal properties of represented herbs.

Tea tasking herrick gallery 3

Tea tasking herrick gallery 1

Tea tasking herrick gallery 8

Tea tasking herrick gallery 7


Florence Trust Summer Show 1 July 2016

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Ukrainian Events in London has written a lovely interview on the Symptoms and Remedies work exhibited at the Summer Show. Here is more information about the work in the series.


photo by Anna Lukanina

florence trust summer show peter

Photo by Peter Hope


Florence Trust Summer exhibition 2016

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Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 11.32.38
More details about the event are here

SHUFFLE summer exhibition at Herrick Gallery

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Artist talk and tour + herbal tea is on Saturday 2 July, 2-3 pm.  The exhibition continues until 4th September.


Ukrainian BBC feature on To Bring To Pass series

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by Svitlana Prykalo on the BBC Ukrainian service on 6 April 2016:

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FreshPaintingMagazine blog post

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Big thank you to FreshPaintMagazine for giving me a visit at the studio and posting this on their website:

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To bring to pass series

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Olha Pryymak_To Bring to Pass installation view

Installation view

2016-02-12 11.32.50

Hand Made I, II, IIIm 18×24 cm each, oil on wood, 2016

Nominate your own hero II & I, oil on board, 70×90 cm each, 2016

To bring to pass, interim show at Florence Trust

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For this new series of work, titled To Bring to Pass, I approach the key elements of symbolism in various media formats. As an initiate into the traditional practice of herbalism, I use its iconography and the sensuous medium of oil paint to produce a portrait of contemporary subconscious.  

In the previous series of work titled Ukraine Diaries I painted clusters of small oil paintings -­ vignettes and snapshots of events in my life mixed with news and social media forming a visual diary. The intimacy akin to that evoked by the Flemish religious votives of personalised nature provided the viewer with the intense form of contact through small format and the focus on humanity of everyday life. The format of small paintings intended to draw in the viewer closer and invited for a dialogue about identity belonging and violence.

While the Ukraine Diaries series helped to connect my opinion to the greater circumstances, the new body of work lays claim to the painting’s’ ability to bring on the transformation, healing and change. The exhibition title takes its cue from Joseph Campbell’s Primitive Mythology.

The use of figurative painting medium explores its ability to transform and heal by the means of sympathetic magic or mythological associative thinking.  The rituals, depicted in shades of gold, are designed to evoke a hope for transformation and relate to the historic forms of seeking change. The act of painting, as  a form of a ritual, was employed by the prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies. The tribe shamans in particular, executed the cave paintings that consequently were expected to bring to pass such situations as they represented. * Thus the ancient rite of painting, akin to shamanistic ritual, assumes historical continuity and pushes itself forward into the present.

A tangent string of work – a series portraits that represent creative ways of healing war-induced stress – continue the Surrealists’ educated embrace of the magical through producing a deck of tarot cards in which they nominated their own heroes to represent the faces of cards. There is also an installation part of the work where the viewer experiences the ceremony of herbal tea drinking in a choreographed way in a visually loaded environment.

Exhibition details: Florence Trust Winter Open, 5 February, 6-9 pm, 6-7 February, 12-6 pm, St. Saviours, Aberdeen Park, London N5 2AR

Studio work before the Winter interim show

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2016-01-15 10.12.30-1

Preliminary work for the Winter Open 5-7 February (opening  on the 5th) 2016, Florence Trust.


Florence Trust residency

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2015-08-18 11.58.44-1

Here comes the new studio and the new work inspired by the residency collecting medicinal and magical herbs in Eastern Europe.

The residency in July with the interdisciplinary artist group SERDE in Aizpute, Latvia pushed me towards exploring the magical thinking behind herbalism and how it relates to contemporary beliefs. The resulting drawings and text are scheduled to come out in a form of an artist book towards the end of the year.

Meanwhile, follow the creative process through my Instagram and Twitter accounts and pop in to say hello and try some of the herbal teas I made up over the summer.